Movie Review: Super Singh

June 21, 2017 06:44 PM

Director: Anurag Singh- Cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa, Pavan Malhotra, Navnindra Behl, Rana Ranbir- Rating: ***

Yes, this is the first superhero film in Punjabi, and yes, like always the superhero of this film, Diljit Dosanjh has nailed it again with his unbeatable comic timing. 

This week’s Punjabi film release, Super Singh is an attempt to tie comedy with a religious message, and in order to make this knot strong, well-known director Anurag Singh has used a superhero story, dialogues that don’t miss the dart, special effects that are not really special, comedy that will not let you see the loopholes in the screenplay. Finally, he seals the knot with Diljit’s super comedy- result, a fun-filled super ride. 

Anurag Singh, known to sensitively put a message across without hurting sentiments or sounding preachy, does manage to be safe as far as taking care of the religious sentiments goes. 

In fact, the entire Sikh community and the Punjabi NRIs are going to lap up the strong message in the film. This time however, the story gets slightly preachy towards the end. But then again, as we said, this is not an issue with the Punjabi and the NRI audience.

As far as the story of the film is concerned, it is a superb attempt to drive home a message; all the same, it is the screenplay which is not totally super! In fact, it is the well-written and well-executed dialogues of the film, which keep the fun going, courtesy the dialogue writer. Two minutes down the opening scene, an aware audience will get to know that the superpowers of Super Singh lie in the turban. And this is absolutely fine. And for those who don’t get it, it’s okay, enjoy Diljit Dosanjh because he is so natural, easy and humorous that you would overlook everything else. Even the mediocre special effects! 

Diljit Dosanjh as a superhero... one, he looks like a superhero in the costume, and two, here is a superhero who can make you laugh at the drop of his hat, which is a deadly combination.

Actress Sonam Bajwa is like a fresh breeze. We take the liberty of saying the same for artiste Navnindra Behl, who plays the role of Diljit’s mother. Actor Pavan Malhotra has done a fine job with his character.  

The film has nice fun music by Jatinder Shah. With loads and loads of funny dialogues, Diljit’s inherent charm, and his superhero abilities that will make you fall in love with this jatt all over again, it wouldn’t be wrong to say, ek tan apan Singh, utton superhero... kamala hai ji.


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