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Jalandhar: NRI marriage proved mirage for Navjot

July 12, 2017 06:21 PM
Navjot Kaur addresses a press conference in the police lines in Jalandhar on Tuesday.

Jalandhar, July 12 - She is barely 28 years old but has experienced the worst in her life in the last five months.  Her elder brother died, her father’s leg was amputated due to diabetes, she herself fought ovarian cancer, married a polygamist who had already duped around four women and also has a seven-year-old daughter. 


Holding forth bravely in front of the media during the press conference, Navjot Kaur from Chandigarh recalled the ill-fated days when she remained confined in captivity for over eight days immediately after her marriage to Jagjit Singh  who posed as an NRI from Jalandhar. 


Navjot Kaur, the only daughter of her parents, returned from England last year in April after working there for five years. But soon after, she was in for major trouble. Her father’s leg was amputated due to diabetes and she herself was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. 


“Though I had an elder brother, he expired in 2002. Later, my condition as well as my father’s health too deteriorated. As he was unable to manage the household, I had to use my savings made in England to bear the expenses incurred on our treatment and to run the house,” said Navjot Kaur. 

However, soon after, she got the cyst removed and was cured completely. Her parents got her profile registered on a matrimonial website in January this year. The family was approached by Jagjit Singh of Jalandhar who claimed to have settled in California. 


The couple finally got married on February 5 this year. Jagjit brought her to Jalandhar and instead of taking her to her house in Green Park, allegedly took her to a prominent hotel near the bus stand. “He kept me in the hotel for eight days and used to beat me up every day. He was not alone and worked in a gang comprising her aunt and her family. Even the hotel staff seemed to be a part of his gang. From day one, they put me on drugs and I kept sleeping most of the time,” said Navjot Kaur. 


She further informed that on the first day of the marriage, Jagjit and his family members asked her about the details of her property and when she refused to give any information, beat her up badly in front of the hotel staff. 


“He tortured me sexually, mentally and even physically. While he used to beat me up in the room, his aunt and her family used to mock at my plight,” alleged Navjot Kaur, adding that her husband even got an insurance policy worth Rs 90 lakh in her name and forced her to sign it. 

Soon after, Jagjit got their marriage registered in court on March 3 this year. Later, he called her father Manjit Singh and demanded to get his entire property transferred in his name. Her father, sensing some foul play, asked the couple to accompany him to the house so that the formalities could be completed.  


However, upon reaching the house of his in-laws, Jagjit felt uneasy and left them saying he has to get his car repaired and never came back. 


Back home, the girl never sat back and began hunting for him to prevent the lives of other girls from getting spoiled by Jagjit Singh.  Along with approaching Jalandhar police, she also began to look for him on the social media websites. 


Later with her support, the police planned to lay a honey trap for the accused and finally managed to bring him into the net.  The accused introduced the girl as the owner of a music company promoting young talent and the girl too introduced herself as a budding artist looking for a break. 


Confident of having found his fifth prey after Navjot Kaur, Jagjit finally planned to meet the girl and came to Delhi from where he was arrested by the Punjab police.

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