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ROPAR: Gang war: Youth shot at in Ropar college

July 14, 2017 07:10 PM
Chanpreet, the victim

Ropar, July 14 - A 22-year-old youth was shot at in a gang war at Government College here today. The assailants fired several rounds. The victim has been identified as Chanpreet of Bhauwal village near Nurpur Bedi. The assailants chased him till the road outside the college when he ran for his life.


Chanpreet received an injury on his right hand and was taken to the Civil Hospital. His condition is stated to be out of danger. Chanpreet was named as one of the five accused in the murder case of Davinder Singh (22) of Lehrrian village at the Bunga Sahib bus stand on June 2. However, during the investigation, the police did not find his involvement in the case.


Talking to mediapersons at the hospital, Chanpreet said he had gone to the college with one of his friends, Gurbaksh Singh, who wanted to take admission. They were standing on the lawns of the college when Neeraj, a resident of Kheri village, and Preeti of Dhadi village allegedly opened fire on him, injuring his hand. He ran for his life, but the assailants chased him till the road outside the college and fired at least eight rounds, he said.

Following this, they fled with their accomplice, who was standing with a motorcycle outside the college, said Chanpreet.


Explaining the motive behind the attack, Chanpreet said Davinder Singh was shot dead on June 2 and his name was mentioned in the FIR. However, the police did not find his involvement in the crime, he said. The accomplices of Davinder Singh were not ready to buy the police theory and wanted to kill him, Chanpreet said.


An eyewitness, Nindi, said there were over 10 members of both gangs in the college at the time of the incident. Two assailants fired two rounds into the air before firing at Chanpreet.


Ropar SSP Raj Bachan Singh Sandhu said two of the three assailants had been identified. The police were working on some leads and soon the accused would be nabbed, he said. The police have registered a case under Sections 307, 148, 149 and 506 of the IPC and Sections  25, 54 and 59 of the Arms  Act against Neeraj, Preeti and three unidentified persons. 

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