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LUDHIANA: City police still in alert mode

August 30, 2017 05:10 PM
Post Dera Sacha Sauda chief’s conviction, the city witnessed several nakas to keep tabs on anti-social elements.

Ludhiana, August 30 - Even though no tension was reported in the city, paramilitary jawans and police personnel are still on alert mode. Nakas are still seen in every nook and corner of the city to prevent any anti-social element from disturbing law and order situation.


Compared to the past few days, when cops conducted extensive search of vehicles and questioned suspected people, no checking of vehicles was done today. But there was a posse of police and jawans on the road. Notably, the police had yesterday nabbed 53 bike-borne people for riding bikes with faces covered. FIRs were registered against them under Section 188 of the IPC.


Police Commissioner RN Dhoke said although no tension was reported in the city in the past days, the police were still alert and would not let anyone disturb law and order.


“The cops in our commissionerate along with paramilitary and PAP jawans played an active role. Our security plan worked well due to which the city remained calm and peaceful. We still have paramilitary company and strategic nakas are still in place to keep tab over anti-social elements,” he said. CP Dhoke himself conducted patrolling on city roads in the day and late at night to keep a tab over the dera situation and alertness of cops at nakas.


Sources said the deployment of policemen outside the naam charcha ghar of Dera Sacha Sauda at Koom Kalan is also intact and will remain there for a few more days. Cops there are keeping a hawk eye over visitors and their belongings are also being checked to prevent them from storing any objectionable material.

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