First gay marriage Australia closed: 'An unexpected gift'

December 16, 2017 11:10 PM

First gay marriage Australia closed: 'An unexpected gift'

First gay marriage Australia closed: 'An unexpected gift'
Amy Laker and Lauren Price, one of the first Australian couples to use the new law. © Getty
Amy Laker (29) and Lauren Price (31) gave each other the word in Sydney today. They are one of the two first lesbian couples who are connected in real life in Australia. They are super happy - but they do not have all that interest. "They actually wanted a simple wedding," said Amy's father.

"That you really accept each other, that's what matters," he said. "And for themselves it's all about love." Lauren and Amy got engaged almost a year ago during a trip to Paris. There they decided to marry the civil registry as soon as the Australian parliament would make gay marriage possible.

Legal time for reflection
Earlier this month the time had come. Nevertheless, it is special that Laker and Price, together with a number of other couples, can officially marry already: between registering the marriage at the registry office and the ceremony itself in Australia is a legal cooling-off period of one month.

Homostels who marry according to the rules can therefore only marry as of 9 January: one month after the parliament agreed to the new law. But an exception has been made for a number of couples.

Seriously ill
This has happened for a couple of couples who one of the partners is seriously ill. This week the story came out of the terminal Cas Willow, which has metastatic cancer and may not make it to the end of the year. On Monday she marries, in the clinic where she is being treated, with Heather Richard.

But the civilian state in Australia is now also turning a blind eye to proposing financial reasons for their desire to enter into marriage sooner. That was true today not only for Amy and Lauren in Sydney, but also for Amy and Elise McDonald in Melbourne.

Engagement becomes marriage
Actually, they had planned a party for this weekend a long time ago for which family members from all over the world would come to Australia. That was enough reason for the municipality to give them an exceptional position: their neighbors now only have to make such a valuable trip once. For example, gay marriage is 'an unexpected gift for everyone', said one of the parties involved.

The Lauren Price family had come over from Wales. Now Amy and Lauren are planning their honeymoon there. They look further ahead: they would love to have a family together. "That we are now legally married, each other's husbands, will also mean that Lauren will be the other mother of my child, my wife."

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