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District Legal Services Authority organized a Seminar in Govt. Middle School, Joga Nand

December 21, 2017 11:39 PM

District Legal Services Authority organized a Seminar in Govt. Middle School, Joga Nand

                        Bathinda, Dec 21:(Kuljit singh)
Under the aegis of Sh. Paramjeet Singh, Learned District & Sessions Judge-cum-Chairman, District Legal Services Authority, Bathinda, Dr. Mandeep Mittal, CJM/Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Bathinda organized a Seminar in Govt. Middle School, Joga Nand.  The Secretary encouraged the students to read biographies of Noble prize winners and also encouraged them to learn English. He encouraged them to read atleast one paragraph daily of the English newspaper. On the spot session for general knowledge questions of the children was also conducted. It was declared that an on the spot Painting Competition will be held coming days.
            .The students were asked to identify the specialy-abled persons who need artificial limb or, tri-cycle, hearing kits etc. The students were informed about the beneficial schemes particularly eligible the needs for issuance of Labour Cards to the Construction and allied workers. The students were asked spread the message all around.
            The Secretary also made them realise the importance of learning of English, general knowledge etc. He undertook to take their regular test so that the children could learn and become independent and responsible citizen. The Secretary also explained the importance of National Anthem. The Secretary also guided the students about Schemes available at District Legal Services Authority, Bathinda like Lok Adalats, Mediation, Senior Citizen and Parents Act and 357-A Cr.P.C, Victim Compensation.

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