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"Singer Soumita Saha supports #MainTohUdungi Campaign for Women Empowerment".

June 18, 2018 03:19 PM

"Singer Soumita Saha supports #MainTohUdungi Campaign for Women Empowerment".

This campaign aims to free young girls from the prevalent gender stereotypes in the society. We request you to publish this on your esteemed publication.


No matter how much success a girl attains in life, she is always subjected to restrictions arising out of gender stereotypes in the society. Her freedom and independence is often curtailed out of fear of Log Kya Kahenge (What would people in the society say?). Sometimes these restrictions are more passive in nature, where the victim remains unaware of it throughout the ordeal. Even in developed urban strata of society, this social stigma forces girls to limit themselves to very few careers options. Girls having aspirations to be Pilots, Footballers, Crime Lawyers and Journalists, Sports Journalists etc., ultimately end up doing 9 to 5 jobs in offices, leading to a full stop on their passion and true potential.

The #MainTohUdungi campaign has been launched by Wittyfeed to encourage girls to take up unconventional careers and follow their passion. It is a campaign initiated to inspire girls to achieve their dreams without considering a second thought about what society thinks of them. #MainTohUdungi  celebrates fierce women who fought against all odds that society threw at them and yet achieved everything they wanted to.

Noted International Singer Soumita Saha has pledged her support to this campaign towards women empowerment. Soumita has inspired her fans and followers to take part in this campaign by posting a motivational video where she speaks about how a girl’s dream gets shattered due to prevalent gender stereotypes and restrictions imposed on her. In the video, she is seen asking girls to stop worrying about those who aim to restrict them and say "Ladki hu toh kya hua #MainTohUdungi", whenever someone tries to impose such restrictions. Below is the link of video: ta1992/videos/1934364506608635 /

Speaking about the campaign Soumita says, “I too faced many such restrictions during initial stages of my singing career. Even today, when I prioritize my profession over other things, I face weird stares and taunts. To such people, my achievements speak better than my words. People who had humiliated me in past for prioritizing my passion and profession, now buy the music I create".

She adds, "I would advice young girls that instead of suppressing your passion for the sake of social humiliation, continue forward with it. There is nothing you can't achieve with hard work and dedication. Let your action speak to society instead of your words".

Soumita is known for her melodious voice and powerful social activism. Her recent international debut single Ishq became a massive hit and was well received across several countries. The young singer expresses immense optimism towards the success of  #MainTohUdungi campaign. "When you speak in favor of some heartfelt concept, I believe you shall come up with better results. #MainTohUdungi is not merely a campaign to me, it's an emotion where I have poured my heart’s content", she says.

About Soumita Saha

Soumita Saha is a 25 year old Singer from Kolkata. At the age of 19, she became Internet Sensation through her songs and since then she has been consistently in limelight. She has been often referred by media as ‘Justin Bieber of Kolkata’.She is one of those Indian Singers who worked with International record labels and delivered massive hit on her debut. She is well known for her contribution to Rabindra Sangeet and has worked in several music albums based on it. She has appeared in numerous TV as well in popular Musical Shows like Geet Sangeet by Channel Vision and several other shows on Rupashi Bangla and OM Bangla followed by several other national level shows hosted by Indian Television.. She is also associated with Tollywood. She recently made her International Debut with the song Ishq, which was a massive hit and received immense appreciations from audience across the world.

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