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H.B gunhouse licence may be cancelled !

June 25, 2019 08:12 PM
H.B gunhouse licence may be cancelled !
Jandiala Guru Kuljit Singh 
 In the recent past, 67 weapons were stolen from the H.B. Gun House of Jandiala Guru. The 1 accused, who was a student of  ITI, was arrested by the police soon after he was arrested by the police with 44 weapons while his other accomplice surrendered before the Hon'ble Court. Then it got complicated because the younger brother of the Satbir Singh Gun House owner says that the police did not recover all our weapons. There was a lot of confusion between the police and the gunhouse as there was a gap of 23 weapons in the number of weapons. There have also been a lot of irregularities in the gun house. It also raised questions on the gun house why the new security guard was not kept in place when the gun house removed the security guard and why the police station was not immediately informed of the withdrawal of the guard . There were shortcomings in the construction of the wall which the thieves had broken because only bricks were used while constructing the wall, whereas according to the rules it should have been used to strengthen the wall. But this lack made it easy for the thieves to break the wall and the theft of weapons. Done. Asked by the journalist to satbir Singh, the younger brother of the gun house owner, in the case of numbering arms, he said that the total number of our weapons is 69 thefts while 67 arms have been registered. Police recovered only 44 weapons. He accused the police of not giving us the correct information. 
Letter to D.C. for cancellation of gun house licence:SSP Rural 
. When the journalist spoke to ssp rural  Amritsar Vikramjeet Duggal about the case, he said that the statements of the owner of the gun house were changing at the moment. Officials including IG border range  had also inspected the site in connection with the case. In which a lot of irregularities were found in the gun house case. In addition, he said, it is feared to be a record error. The recovered weapons will be given to the owners only after verification. He said, 
D.C. Amritsar has been written to cancel the licence of the gun house. 
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